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How Is Polyurethane Foam Applied?

Water damaged parts of roof are removed
Damaged roof is replaced with dry materials
This Asphalt roof is ready for foam

On an existing built-up roof, all loose gravel and debris is removed. If necessary blistered and saturated areas are removed. Pressure washing is done on metal roofs to remove all dirt and debris. A rust inhibitor is used on roofs when rust is present.

Spraying SPF on Metal Roof
SPF is applied over repaired roof

The Polyurethane foam is applied as a liquid and rises in seconds. The roof can be walked on in a matter of minutes. Areas where the roof sags can be built up for proper drainage by applying more foam in the problem areas, The polyurethane foam roof is now ready for coating.

Elastomeric coating being applied to SPF

An elastomeric, weather resistant coating is applied to seal the foam. The normal coverage is two coats with the final coat being white. Other colors may be used but the white coating further reduces heat.


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