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Advantages of Spray-In-Place Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing

SEAMLESS - SPF is a seamless system. There are no seams or joints to allow water, heat or air to enter the building through the roofing system. Regardless of building size or shape there will be no seams.

SELF-FLASHING - Due to the ability of spray-in-place polyurethane foam to conform to whatever surface it is applied to, SPF is ideal for flashing parapet walls, roof penetrations, and roof mounted equipment; such as HVAC equipment, vent stacks, pipes, skylights, etc. The self-flashing ability of polyurethane foam eliminates many roof leaks caused by faulty flashing.

LIGHWEIGHT - SPF roofing systems weigh approximately 60 pounds per 100 square feet compared to 600 pounds per 100 square feet for conventional BUR systems. This is ideal to apply over existing BUR minimizing additional weight.

INSULATES - Polyurethane foam has the highest "R" value of any roofing product on the market. With an "R" value of 7.14 it enables Exteriors Unlimited to provide more thermal resistance with less material than any other insulation.

MINIMIZES PONDING WATER - A unique advantage of spray polyurethane foam roofing systems is the ability to slope existing roof to allow ponding water to be redirected to drains by adding an increased thickness in low areas. This means that each roof can be individually designed to meet the customers needs.

VERSATILE - SPF can be used on new roofs as well as reroofing projects. It can be used on surfaces whether they are flat, pitched, domed, metal, wood, concrete, etc. It is an ideal system for insulation to tanks, coolers, piping, ductwork, freezers, and perimeter wall insulation for new construction homes or metal buildings.

WATER & AIR TIGHT - The closed cell structure of polyurethane foam resists the penetration of water and air. It is a US Coastguard approved material for flotation.

STRENGTH - While very lightweight, polyurethane foam is strong. It will not pack down or sag.

FLEXIBLE - Polyurethane foam has the ability to withstand the strain of normal expansion and contraction of a structure without affecting the ability to remain adhered and sealed, protecting the structure from outside elements.

LONG LIFE - SPF roofing systems are renewable. While other systems need to be removed and replaced after their usual life expectancy, SPF need only be repaired and recoated with the elastomeric coating system for many years of service.

MAINTENANCE - A Maintenance Agreement is available to our customers from Exteriors Unlimited. In addition, after a brief instructional meeting in-house maintenance personnel can make minor repairs at minimal cost using a hand caulking gun and urethane sealant.

EASE OF APPLICATION - SPF roofing systems can be installed in a relatively short period of time with little or no disruption of building operations by Exteriors Unlimited.

LOWERS SURFACE TEMPERATURE - On a 90° day a typical black rubber (EPDM) roof can measure up to 200° at the surface. With a white reflective coating our SPF roof will maintain less than 120° on the surface. The white coating is very reflective and helps lower energy costs to the building owner.

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