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What are the Advantages to Spray Polyurethane Foam?

High Insulation Value
Spray Polyurethane foam has the best R-value (7.0) per inch of any readily available insulation. This allows you to fit more insulation in a tighter spaces, so even if you are using a one inch studded wall you can still reach a respectable R-value.

Moisture Resistant
Our Foam is moisture resistant due to its closed cell sealability. If our foam happens to get wet it will dry with minimal insulation value loss.

Stops Air Infiltration
Polyurethane foam seals air tight. When foam is applied in a house it will eliminate drafts and will also provides comfortable, even heat. With these benefits it will allow you to better control the humidity present in your home.

Spray Applied
Since the application process of our foam is spray applied it will seals cracks and crevices which in turn Insulates hard to reach areas. When the foam is applied correctly it will provide a seamless layer of insulation. This process is quick, easy and all applications are done by professionals.

After Spray Polyurethane Foam is applied it will not settle. Due to this fact this benefit adds structural strength to your walls. The solid nature of our foam inhibits insect or rodent penetration. Since all cracks are sealed all unwanted gas and odor penetration is eliminated.

Light Weight
Does not sag. High degree of strength to weight ratio. Adds very little weight to ceiling or roof areas.

Excellent Adhesion
Spray Polyurethane foam adheres to any surface that it is applied too. After sprayed it does not need fasteners to hold it in place which in return saves you money. Foam will never separate from the studs leaving unwanted cracks.

Code Approved
All of our materials meet building code requirements and are accepted nationwide.

Contains no urea formaldehyde and safe for the life of your house!


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