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Close up of sheet of permaweldAir view of installation of permaweldFinished Permaweld RoofPermaweld Roof FinishedPermaweld being installed Permaweld is a white, heat weldable, single-ply, PVC membrane. The membrane is tough yet pliable, with excellent tear and chemical resistance and backed by both watertight and material warranties. Permaweld is bright white, reflecting up to 83% of the suns UV radiation and is an ENERGY STAR certified product. The high reflectivity effectively reduces the roof temperature by 80°-100°F when compared to conventional roofing. Lowering the roof temperatures may result in a 20 to 40% energy savings over existing dark roofing. Permaweld provides a superior white, single-ply, Cool Roof System

Mechanically FastenedMechanically Fastened System

Traditional installation for use on metal, wood, concrete, tectum, gypsum and lightweight concrete decks. In-seam fastening and thermal welding produces a field fabricated continuous membrane without the use of adhesives or mastics.

Fully AdheredFully Adhered

Permaweld Fleece-Backed Direct adhesion to challenging decks including concrete, gypsum, tectum, smooth BUR, etc. with water or solvent based adhesive. Fully-adhered means high wind uplift resistance. Eliminates costly barrier boards, fasteners, and lowers labor costs.

Vacuum FasteningVacuum Fastening

Perma-Vac is ideal for monolithic roof decks (gypsum, concrete, zonolite, etc.) and existing BUR's where fasteners create problems and extra costs. Perma-Vac vents are strategically located on the roof and designed to create an active vacuum system. The harder the wind blows, the greater the vacuum developed by the Perma-Vac vents; and the membrane is drawn tighter to the deck.

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