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About Elastomeric Roofing

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By using highly reflective elastomeric coatings as a "Sacrificial Barrier" to the harmful effects of UV rays, and Infrared heat you can extend a roofs useful life two or three times its original service expectation. This results in lower energy costs, improved urban air quality and less debris in our landfills caused by unnecessary roof tear-offs.

Pella Roofing & Insulation has long promoted that bright is right when pertaining to roof surfaces. Bright, highly reflective materials produce cooler roofs which reduce energy costs, urban air pollution, and help extend the longevity of the roof system.

Chart Showing Elastomeric Cool Roof Results

Pella Roofing & Insulation uses a complete line of highly reflective elastomeric coatings and single ply roofing membranes for Restoring metal roof, single-ply membranes, polyurethane foam, modified bitumens and smooth surfaced built up roofs Through Restoration, we preserve the roof while saving energy, protecting the environment and your roofing investment

Metal Roof Restoration (Click here for more advantages)

Metal Roof Before and After CoatingPut the product where the problem is stop rust with the primer, stop leaks with HER 2000, extend the roof life and cool the building with the finish coat - over 20 years of proven history

  • No time consuming fabric installation is required
  • HER 2000 is pumped and easily extruded into place along seams/fasteners
  • Primer and finish coat are rapidly pumped and spray applied to the metal surface
  • Cool the building, stop the leaks and improve appearance with attractive flexible and durable protections
  • Highly reflective Energy Star qualified finish coat


Single-Ply Restoration (Click here for more advantages)

Single-Ply Before and After CoatingRestore and preserve EPDM, Hypalon®, PVC, CPA and others with a low-cost alternative designed to extend the useful life of your roof

  • FM and UL approvals
  • Provide protection against damaging UV rays
  • Stop shrinking, chalking and seam deterioration
  • Lower the roof temperature which aids in reducing the
    rate of deterioration of components immediately lowering energy costs and protecting the environment



Asphalt Restoration (Click here for more advantages)

Applying coating to AsphaltReduce the amount of cracking and deterioration of your asphalt roof and coatings by restoring them with our highly reflective elastomeric coatings

  • Adaptable to nearly every type of asphalt membrane
  • Systems maybe applied to new asphalt or modified bitumen to provide immediate protection from chemical deterioration weather and UV degradation
  • Lower the roof temperature and extend the roof life while improving the environment


Spray Foam Restoration (Click here for more advantages)

Foam Restoration Before and After Urethane Foam with Elastomeric Coating is a Proven Economical Energy Saver with the Ultimate in Design Flexibility

  • Coating is selected to perform in your environment
  • Used to provide uniform layer of coating protection
  • Sustainable and renewable to meet your roof life-cycle expectations
  • Foam promotes an aggressive bond with the elastomeric coating
  • Foam can be Tailored to your desired insulation level
  • Adaptable to conform to the shape of any roof
  • Our Foam and Elastormeric products provide the Highest Performing System at the Lowest Applied Cost.


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