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Before and After shots of metal roofPella Roofing & Insulation and along with ERSystems has long promoted that "Bright is Right" pertaining to roof surfaces. Bright, highly reflective materials produce cooler roofs which reduce energy costs, urban air pollution, and help extend the longevity of the roof system.

The Lawrence Berkeley "Heat lsland Project" studies have proven that a roof with a high solar absorptive surface (Black EPDM, Asphalt BUR, Modified Bitumen) exhibits temperatures 75-100 F higher than ambient temperature, while a highly reflective roof is only 15-25 F higher than ambient temperature. Check out "Cool Roofs and Energy Conservation" Spray Foam 2001

Pella Roofing & Insulation which uses ERSystems complete line of highly reflective elastomeric coatings and single-ply roofing membranes for Restoring metal roofs, dark single-ply roofing membranes, polyurethane foam, and smooth surfaced built-up and modified bitumen roofs. In the process of Restoring we can also Preserve the roof while saving energy, and protecting the environment.

It has been observed that air temperatures in many cities are 5-12 F higher than in surrounding suburban areas. This effect is primarily attributed to black roofs, dark pavement, and loss of shade trees. According to the U.S. Department of Energy this could potentially be responsible for about 20% of energy costs associated with air conditioning. This 20% is estimated to cost building owners approximately 4 billion dollars annually. This excessive urban heat also contributes significantly to the rate and quantity of smog formation in the cities. The same studies indicate that much of this energy could be saved and smog levels reduced by turning hot, heat absorbing black roofs white with highly reflective elastomeric coatings or white membranes.

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