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Elastomeric Roofing Advantages

Metal Roof - Advantages

Dramatically reduce energy cost with an 82% reflective coating. This reflective coating significantly reduces the thermal shock on your metal roof, thereby extending its useful life.

Inhibit further metal deterioration by rust-proofing. Stop rust in even the most severe conditions. HER2000 Protects and seals seams, fasteners and penetrations. Because HER2000 is a high solids urethane it works without the use of fabric reinforcement! HER2000 has the capacity to adhere, stretch and flex as the building moves and yet remains stable and sealed.

ERSystems highly reflective finish coats reduce thermal shock experienced by metal during extreme temperature fluctuations, minimizing expansion and contraction of the roof and helping to reduce cooling cost.

Proven Performance

Save Time and Labor Cost
ERSystems restoration systems are designed to maximize performance as well as contractor and building owner savings by using technology to lower labor cost. Restoration may be expensed as repair or maintenance cost while roof replacement must be capitalized

In the Application process with a Metal Roof Restoration System there is no time consuming fabric installation required and the HER2000 is pumped easily along the seams and fasteners. In addition, both the primer and finish coats are rapidly pumped and spray applied to the metal finish. This is not only improves appearance with and attractive. Flexible and durable finish coat, but also dramatically reduces maintenance costs.

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Spray Polyurethane Foam (Go here for more info on SPF)


  • Lower cooling and heating costs
  • SPF has the highest R value per inch of any insulation
  • No thermal Bridging
  • SPF can be coated with a choice from several highly reflective energy star approved Coatings


  • Simplified flashings and details
  • High wind uplift resistance
  • No deck penetrations
  • Indefinite life expectancy with minimal maintenance and recoats
  • Conforms to irregular Shapes


  • Use on any existing roofing system.
  • Usually no tear off
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Single-Ply - Advantages

Elastomeric Coatings
The coatings will stretch and move as the membrane moves to provide continuous protection.

The coatings will stay flexible in temperature extremes from -50 F to 200 F

Weather Proof
The coatings are tested and proven UV and Weather resistant They are seamless and fully adhered adding up to 50% of the original single-ply membrane thickness.

Durable& Chemical Resistant
Approximately 20 mils of coating will add protection against traffic, airborne chemical contaminants and roof top emissions.

Elastomeric white coatings will reflect over 80% of the damaging rays of the sun. This lowers the membrane temperature, slows membrane degradation, improves urban air quality, and can lead to a substantial energy savings

Restored Performance
Provides service life equivalent to, or exceeding that of the original membrane.

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Asphalt - Advantages

84% reflective coating reduces energy cost and the damage caused to asphalt roofs by UV rays

Repair blisters, cracks and leaks with fabric, caulk and elastomeric coating

  • Existing asphalt is protected against the aging process with ERSystems highly reflective elastomeric coatings.

  • Permanently blocks out the UV, protecting the asphalt surface from the sun

  • Produces Water-resistant barrier

By installing our coatings and using them as a "sacrificial barrier" to the environment you will dramatically reduce the harmful effects of UV rays, reducing thermal shock, and extending the useful life of your asphalt roof. Longer roof life means less debris to landfills.

Low Cost

  • Repairing of cracks, blisters, and seams is fast and economical.

  • Elastomeric coatings are easily spray or roller applied and require little maintenance.

  • Adaptable to nearly every type of asphalt membrane.

  • Restoration costs can be expensed as a repair or maintenance, while re-roof costs must be capitalized

  • Restoring the existing roof may be as little as 25% of the total tear-off and replacement cost.

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