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EPDM Adhesive being rolledEPDM Job finishedBefore and After shot of new EPDM roofBefore and After EPDM being Welded If you are looking for a new EPDM roof, Pella Roofing & Insulation has a solution for you. Our expertise goes beyond just Elastomeric Coatings and Spray Polyurethane Foam.

Pella Roofing & Insulation can give you the EPDM solution you are looking for. We can install any EPDM system whether it be: Fully adhered, Plate Bonded, Ballasted, Batten fastened ect.. All systems come in Black or White.

Keep in mind if you do not see the roofing system you desire, please give us a call. We can accommodate any roof and work with you for the best possible roofing solution for your new roof.

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EPDM Systems from ERsystems installed by Pella Roofing & Insulation
EPDM Fully Adhered Roofing Systems

Fully Adhered EPDM Systems remain the selection of many architects, owners, and roofing contractors. Non-penetrating membranes securely bonded to properly secured and surfaced insulation substrates provide the most proven and tested of EPDM systems. Properly bonded with adhesive applied to the substrate and membrane, or with one-coat adhesive applied to the substrate only, seams and flashings are then installed with quality materials to complete the project. Fully Adhered Systems are available with .045 or.060 EPDM membranes in black or white. The Fully Adhered System is guaranteed for many years of watertight service.


EPDM Plate Bonded Roofing Systems

The Plate Bonded EPDM can be installed with standard plates or pre-glued plates. Both methods utilize plates beneath the membrane to help secure the insulation, and also to secure the membrane and the plates, prior to the bonding of the membrane to the plate. The pre-glued plates adhere directly to the membrane. Both systems offer the advantage of non-penetrating installation which is fast, easy, and less expensive than conventional fully adhered and mechanically fastened systems. Plate Bonded Systems are eligible for long-term guarantees when installed by Pella Roofing & Insulation.


EPDM Ballasted Roofing System

The EPDM Ballasted System is comprised of a complete system of EPDM membranes, sealants, and required accessories. Thouroughly tried and proven, Ballasted EPDM Systems have provided many years of service for building owners in all climates. Ballasted EPDM Systems have advantages in speed of installation since the stone or paver ballast is applied at approximately 10 lbs. per square foot for wind uplift protection. Ballast can be comprised of stone, paver, or a combination of stone and paver ballast. With either ballast or pavers, a functional, guaranteed system can be installed. The aesthetics of the system will enhance any structure. If the added weight of a Ballasted System exceeds the structure's roof loading capabilities, the Fully Adhered, Plate Bonded, or Batten Fastened System should be specified.


EPDM Batten Fastened Roofing Systems

The Batten Fastened EPDM Roofing System has many years of proven service. As the original mechanically fastened system for single ply EPDM membrane roofing, reliability is a matter of record. Lightweight and easy to install, the Batten Fastened System offers the same long-term quality guarantees as other EPDM systems. Firmly secured with metal battens, the EPDM membrane overlaps the adjacent batten and membrane. The membrane is then securely bonded and waterproofed at the overlap. Like other EPDM systems, the Batten System is available with .045 or .060 membrane in black or white. This proven EPDM system offers another option for the designer/owner to select from ERSystems' line of quality EPDM systems.


Poly-Bond Felt-Backed EPDM - The Single Ply Solution for Challenging Decks

Poly-bond Felt-Backed EPDM is the versatile single ply system for directly adhering to challenging decks including concrete, gypsum, tectum, and BUR. A variety of adhesives can be used, such as hot asphalt or cold adhesives without the need for anchors and fasteners! Poly-Bond is fast, efficient, and economical to install because fastening is done inexpensively without requiring mechanical fastening. The rolls are large, easy to handle, and lightweight. 3M Heat Activated Seam Tape is available for faster, stronger seams (stronger than the membrane itself). Full seam strength is achieved in minutes. Poly-Bond is the versatile single ply alternative from ERSystems.


Reinforced 90, The Polyester Fabric Reinforced EPDM System

Reinforced 90 combines woven polyester fabric with .045 or .060 EPDM to produce a tough, single ply membrane designed to withstand high shear wind velocities. Maintenance of the Reinforced 90 Roof System is considerably easier and less costly than other systems because of Installation methods available for Reinforced 90 EPDM membrane include mechanically fastened, fully adhered, ballasted, and plate bonded. Ten foot wide sheets, ease of installation, and standard EPDM accessories make Reinforced 90 the lowest cost alternative for a fabric reinforced single ply.


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