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Who is, Pella Roofing & Insulation?

Lonnie Carolan and Cory McKibben are the principals of Pella Roofing & Insulation. Lonnie was in roofing for 7 years prior to the establishment of Exteriors Unlimited Inc. He began working for a Commercial roofing company, after graduating from college. He balanced his time in the field working on roofs as well as taking care of sales and the day to day office operations. In the seven years, Lonnie worked his way up to General Manager of the entire operation of the company. Cory McKibben started the school of hard knocks right out of high school beginning with the restoration of automobiles and soon moved into building restoration. He tuckpointed, painted and restored all aspects of buildings for eight years prior to the establishment of Exteriors Unlimited, Inc.

In 1996 the idea of combining both Lonnie's and Cory's expertise would allow EU the ability to restore an entire building from the ground to the roof, hence the name Exteriors Unlimited. During the winter of 1997 Lonnie and Cory started the ground work for the new up and coming company. The company was started with the number 1 rule being customer satisfaction. Both agreed that there were too many companies out to make a buck instead of having the ethics "honest work for honest pay". With that rule established the company began, working out of a basement with two computers and a small two stall garage with two trucks, one trailor and four employees.

With in the first two years the company's number 1 rule paid off allowing them to build a new shop, office and purchase new equipment and trucks in which to do the finest work possible. Exteriors Unlimited also hired four more new laborers and to this day still retain the services of these same employees since the beginning. All employees are trained at seminars each and every year to keep them up to date on any changes or new ideas in the industry.

By the third year, 1999 Exteriors Unlimited went Incorporated, establishing the company as a separate entity in the credit world, allowing them the ability purchase any equipment and insurance needed to handle any and all projects. EU Inc. had three full crews running and hired a second salesman to handle all the incoming calls that were received because of "word of mouth" advertising. EU, Inc. begun doing work for companies as large as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Fed Ex , Winnebago Industries, as well as smaller business in and around the state of Iowa. Also in 1999 Exteriors Unlimited Inc. acquired a smaller roofing company that solely did Spray Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Roofing Systems and began a new division of their company.

During the winter of 1999-2000 to help them maintain their number 1 rule "Customer Satisfaction" EU Inc. networked there offices in order to handle all there customers with up to date technology. This new technology gave them the ability to pull up customer information, pictures, drawings etc. at a touch of a button.

During the new millennium season Exteriors Unlimited, Inc. continued to do the very best in workmanship and helping their customers save money on restoring their existing systems with top of the line Coatings on Metal Roofs, Polyurethane Foams, Asphalts, EPDM, Single-Plys, Modified Bits, etc. As well as doing tare offs and laying New Metal, EPDMs and CPAs. The company also continued to grow in all other areas as well, Tuckpointing bricks and Painting.

In 2001 in order to handle their customer base, Exteriors Unlimited, Inc. hired an additional secretary. Purchased a fourth Truck/Trailer and roofing equipment & tools. They also upgraded their Polyurethane Foam Rig to a machine that has the largest output on the marked to comply with the demand of the growing market with both roofing and insulation. They are continually working hard to give you their customer the best possible roof for the best possible price.

In the fall of 2002, Exteriors Unlimited, Inc. hosted a seminar at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Cedar Rapids with the help of Elastomeric Roofing systems (Manufacturer). Many business, both new and existing customers as well as many different school districts showed up interested in how EU Inc. can save them money, by restoring existing systems as well as putting them on a new system that will give them a return on there roof investment. The seminar brought more contacts, more jobs and more satisfied customers (rule 1) for Pella Roofing & Insulation. This company will continue to work hard for you as it has in the past to give you the best possible restoration of you building in material & workmanship for the best possible price. Pella Roofing & Insulation. a chance to prove themselves and they will be the last contractor you'll ever need

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